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Activities and Projects

• Regular visits to local schools:

One of our main goals is to develop the Iraqi educational system, because it is the cornerstone for healthy dynamic Iraq. To achieve this goal we conduct regular field visits to all kind private and public schools in and around Baghdad, in addition to meet with officials from the Educational board and the Ministry of Education consultants to exchange ideas and find ways to repair the Iraqi old and ailing system.

• Football tournament for youth:

To increase awareness among the Iraqi youth in many aspects of living in a country shared by many ethnicities and religious sects in a civilized way, we brought the local tribes leaders with local officials and the PRT in 2009 and managed to bring two opposite teams from two very hostile areas to participate in a friendly games of football. With our own resources we leveled a piece of land (1donem) and prepared and supplied all the necessary equipment for the tournament, the result was that the two rivals reconciled in a much needed atmosphere of mutual understanding.

• The construction of irrigation canal for Sadat Al-Nasir village:

To answer the many requests to our office from the farmers of this village located in western Baghdad, about the need to dig a vital 7 Km canal from a nearby local river to their village. We brought the needed engineers and experts together with the village leaders and the local officials and help from the PRT, and worked for over two months to finish this very important project.

• Rehabilitation of pumping station:

We brought the local farmers in Al-Maamil area, a Baghdad suburb, with the local officials and experts from The PRT (Provincial Reconstructing Team) in 2009 to join hands and rehabilitate a vital pumping station which used to supply a large farming area with water.

• The fattening of sheep in western Baghdad in 2011:

To help the local sheep farmers in Al-Radwania area earn butter income from their work, we introduced new modern food and fattening methods to them with help from PRT experts. We had amazing result and our efforts were highly appreciated.

• Educational Center for youth in Al-Jisr Nahya, Al-Madaan Qedaa:

In cooperation with the American embassy in Baghdad, we initiated this project in 2011 for youth of 13-16 of age, to teach them beside basic computer, life experience skills and leadership. As we strongly believe that by teaching the youth all skill needed to be the new Iraq future leaders.

• Pasta making in 9 Nissan Qedaa:

In 2011 and with cooperation from PRT and the local officials in Nissan Qedaa, we started a project to manufacture, package and market all kind of pastas. We chose 25 underprivileged women from this eastern Baghdad suburb. The project proved to be a big success and was received with great enthusiasm from all.

• Canning of vegetables and grains:

To do our share in helping the very large numbers of widowed, illiterate, unmarried Iraqi women, we organized a 10 days training course for 30  women from Baghdad's suburbs with help from PRT experts, the process of preparing, cooking and canning vegetables and grains, as a way to learn a skill and earn a living.

• Our participation in conferences and seminars:

Our organization has participated in several conferences and seminars related in civil society. This activity comes confirmation and consolidation of our interest in civil society and its role in economic development and social development.

• Our visit to needy families:

Our organization has an inspection visit to several villages in the outskirts of Baghdad, Our visit including the village of Umulabeed at the east of Baghdad. Where we have distributed some household items for needy families by the our self-financing in order to contribute a small part in supporting these families and alleviating the burden, have included articles (furniture, heaters, and blankets).

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