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The Goals


1 . The promotion of youth awareness of new findings in science, and  cultural and social fields that enhance their development.

2. Empowerment of knowledge of the culture of democracy and freedom.

​3. Extensive care of the educational process beginning from its relationship with the social fabrics that cohabitate growth and development.

​4. Participation in strengthening the association of youth and empowering the investment in their energies.

5. Respect of the principles of Human Rights that are built on the constitution and based upon the National Foundation and  International Doctrine.​

6. Activate the theme  of National Aspiration and strengthening the Spirit of Citizenship.

7. Institute the Principles of Universal Social Works, Services and Human  values on all levels of Public Gains.​

8. Opening the horizon for youth to express their free opinion to match their maturity and capabilities.

9. Issuance of a Scientific Journal that deals in the publication of youth research.

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