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     W​e are a none governmental, none profitable and not political organization  established in 2004 and was registered at The None Governmental Registration office in 2009.

     We believe in equal rights for all, and refuse all kind of segregation based on  religion, ethnicity and race. We are a big defender of Women's rights and strongly support equality for both genders. We target youth, because they represent the future and the very foundation on which great nations are build. The real progress and development is made by enabling the youth to do their dynamic part in the construction and administration of the democratically elected governments.

    Our goal is to develop the Iraqi society through building a wide popular base who believe in democracy and human rights and reject all kind of violence and sectarianism. 

   Our way is to execute a verity of developmental projects to promote civil society and increase its role, youth in particular, to participate effectively in the ongoing democratic transformation in Iraq.        

    The history of our organization was before the actual registration date, and we managed to establish lines of cooperation with many local, regional and international  organizations after the fall of dictatorship.

Who We Are :

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